Secluded Caribbean Islands: Top 5 Celebrities With Exuma Homes

If you are able to afford a home in the secluded Caribbean islands in the Exumas, not only will you be purchasing your very own dream home, you will be neighbors with such famous stars as Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Eddie Murphy, and many more! Many celebrities have chosen to build or buy magnificent homes in the Bahamas.

Here are a few of the big A-list celebrities with homes on or near Great Exuma:

Faith HillFaith Hill and Tim McGraw: Country Singers
If you are Faith Hill or Tim McGraw, you had a rumored 18 million dollars to purchase your very own private island in the Exumas. With a combined net worth of over a combined net worth in 2010 of 135 million dollars, these country superstars were able to lay down a few million dollars to buy a piece of paradise. On this fully developed island, the couple is able to retreat from their busy lives and vacation in their beautiful, luxurious Exuma home, relax on one of the many extravagant sandy beaches on their private island, and take a stroll on one of their various trails.

David Copperfield: Magician
Of the secluded Caribbean islands in the Exumas, David Copperfield resides in an exceptionally magnificent home on Musha Cay, which he purchased in 2006. According to Copperfield, the legendary Fountain of Youth is located right in the backyard of the 150-acre paradise island. If you have the cash, you can attempt to examine it yourself if you can afford the $37,500 U.S a day to rent a deluxe resort on Musha Cay.

Chuck Norris: Actor
Karate superstar Chuck Norris has kicked and punched his way to owning his own private island in the Exuma chain where he now has all the room he can ever need to practice his martial arts. Here in the secluded Carribean islands, Norris has an incredible paradise home alongside other renowned A-list celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan.

John TravoltaJohn Travolta: Actor
John Travolta’s work in countless smash hit films such as “Grease,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Face/Off ”has earned him more than enough cash to purchase a breathtaking home in the secluded Caribbean islands of Exuma chain. The portion of the island where he resides is big enough to accommodate a Boeing 707, which is a jet airplane that he owns and is able to fly.

Sir Richard Branson: Virgin Founder
It comes as no surprise that Billionaire Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson owns a phenomenal home in the Bahamas, given that he owns a total of 4 private islands that are located in various areas around the globe. In the secluded Caribbean islands, Branson owns the 74-acre Necker Island that he purchased over 30 years ago. Legendary stars such as Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, and Princess Diana have all visited this eco-friendly luxury resort. In 2008, rates for staying at Necker Island cost approximately $53,000 per night with a 5-night minimum. Sir Richard Branson also allows his employees to vacation at his property, which makes him the greatest boss ever!

Other celebrities in the Exumas
Here are a few other celebrities with homes in or near the Exumas:

Johnny Depp: One of the top stars in Hollywood, Depp has starred in many smash hit summer blockbusters such as “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. According to Johnny Depp earned up to 50 million from May 2010 to May 2011 ranking 13th in the celebrity top 100 list.

Nicholas Cage: This superstar actor owns his very own island in the Bahamas which he purchased for 3 million (USD) in 2006. This island is currently up for sale.

Eddie Murphy: “The Nutty Professor” funnyman Eddie Murphy owns Rooster Cay Island which he purchased in 2007 for a cool $15 million dollars. Luckily, he is able to afford it as he has a net worth of roughly $100 million dollars.

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