WARNING: Visiting Great Exuma will increase your consumption of sunscreen.

One thing that I have come to realize about Great Exuma is that you do not have to exaggerate her features for it to sound good. Everyone who has been here for a visit or who has purchased a home here has so many positive things to say about Great Exuma, that it is hard to resist checking it out for yourself. One thing that always concerns me about going somewhere is what kind of climate I can expect.

SunbathingGreat Exuma, Bahamas is located on the Tropic of Cancer. With sunshine on most days and a pleasant breeze to keep it from getting too stuffy, visitors and residents of Exuma say that the climate is even better over-all than Florida. The average temperature is 78 degrees! Check out the current forecast. With the temperatures being so generally perfect, the water temperature is great as well. Instead of hesitating as you walk into the clear, tropical ocean, you actually feel comfortable immersing yourself in the shallow water surrounding the island. This means that you can swim, snorkel and enjoy the water all year long!

So, you will need to make sure that you have sunscreen to wear. You will also need an abundance of bathing suits for your stay here. Imagine that you take a morning sail and swim. You go have breakfast and realize that you want to take another dip in the water. Since no one likes to put on a damp bathing suit, you better make sure that you have more than one to put on while you are here.

Another note on bathing suits is that you will not catch the local people wearing bathing suits in Town. Bathing suits are fine for the beach or boat, but even in a small town like George Town there are certain rules of propriety.

Thus far, you need sunscreen and more than one bathing suit… not a problem right?


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