Great Exuma, Bahamas Map

WARNING: This is a little piece of paradise.

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This is a map of Great Exuma Island and Little Exuma Island. They are separated by a short bridge over shallow water. Features on Great Exuma include Georgetown (see Georgetown map), the Airport, the new five-star, Four-Seasons hotel with Golf course (near the Airport but not on Map) and February Point Resort Estates which includes tennis courts. Beaches on the north shore are calm because they are protected by Stocking Island and other small islands and Cays. The sand is white and the water is shallow. The south side is known for bone fishing in the mud flats. So as you can guess, the beaches are not as nice for swimming, but a fisherman's dream.

Little Exuma is also very beautiful, even more secluded and has beaches on the north side that are unprotected by islands and therefore much less calm. If you like the open ocean with unobstructed views of the horizon, check out the beaches at the end of Little Exuma!


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