WARNING: The Bahamas is a pretty laid back place, but it does not hurt to be informed of the local customs.

1. Money Matters:

  • Sail Boat Currency: the official currency is the Bahamian Dollar. Check out exchange rates. Generally, both are accepted throughout the island To avoid ending up with a wallet full of mixed currency, you may choose to use only Bahamian or American dollars
  • Departure Tax: There is a $15.00 departure tax that you must pay as you leave the Island. Children under 6 are exempt. This is often included in your airfare.
  • Tipping: In general, 15% is the standard. Check first, some hotels and resorts automatically add gratuities to your bill.

2. How to get around:

Getting around most of the islands is pretty simple…

  • Rental cars: Remember that you must drive on the left side of the road!
  • Taxis: plentiful and reasonably priced. Negotiate the rate before you leave.
  • Buses: also known as jitneys
  • Motorbikes or mopeds
  • Bicycles: you never forget how!
  • Surreys: Horse and carriage used for short tours
  • Water taxis: for getting to and from different islands
  • Ferries: inter-island transportation, affordable prices

3. Where to get tourist information:

  • Bahamas Tourism Office
    George Town
    Phone: 242-336-2430
    Fax: 242-336-2105

4. Mail service:

  • The Exuma Island post office is located in Georgetown.
  • $0.65(USD) letters or postcards that weigh up to one half ounce is required for postcards to Canada, United Stated and United Kingdom.
  • Letters weighing over one half ounce are charged additionally per every half ounce.
  • Mail delivery is made by mail boat, so Federal Express and United Parcel Service are not available on Exuma.





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