Local Features

WARNING: You will try new things while you are visiting Great Exuma

Here is a partial list of some of the things that you must try (c’mon, at least once!) while you are here:

  • BeveragesKalik: the local, very tasty beer
  • Pig beach on Major Cay is has no inhabitants apart from the colony of pigs that live there. The swimming pigs have become a tourist attraction.
  • Meet the Shark Lady: Ms. Gloria Patience is known all over the world (after having been featured in National Geographic magazine). She caught sharks with a hand line! Her home still stands as a small museum on Hogs Cay on Little Exuma.
  • Conch (pronounced konk on this island): the firm, white, peach-fringed meat from a large type of ocean mollusc. Fresh, uncooked conch is delicious; the conch meat is scored with a knife, and lime juice and spices are sprinkled over the meat
  • Souse: a soup unique to the Caribbean. It is a simple broth made with onions, lime juice, celery, peppers and meat.
  • Ox tail or pig’s feet: most people have not tried these tender meats before and they add a rich, spicy taste to soups and dishes
  • Coconut water: Not to be confused with heavier coconut milk. Try it blended with sweet milk and gin for a refreshing beverage
  • Beverages“The Switcher”: a native drink made with limes that many people swear it tastes better than any other citrus drink
  • The People-to-People program: This Encounter program matches up volunteer Bahamians with visitors. The volunteers act as hosts to visitors for the shared goal of sharing each other’s cultures and helping visitors feel at home.
  • Criquet: You have probably heard of this sport. Take advantage of your trip to the Bahamas to enjoy this British sport. Cricket season runs March through November.
  • Pink Flamingo Stickers: Just so you know, if a store has a pink flamingo sticker on their door or window it means that this store meets strict government guidelines and that all their brands are authentic. (The flamingo is the official bird).
  • Sky Juice a local drink that is a mix of coconut milk, coconut rum and gin, then shaken. It is very rich.

While you're at it... why not test your Bahamas trivia.


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